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How are women like us actually living up to the pressure to balance everything, to have it together physically, emotionally, and financially?

The truth is most of us don't.

Perfection is a myth we all fail.

While raising babies and growing seven figure businesses online I spent years helping women look at these three areas in their life, being strong physically, emotionally, and financially.

But how, does someone learn to actually do that? This podcast is here to give you the answer.

Join me as I pull back the curtain and talk about the things that nobody usually talks about. Where I share my real raw stories and give you tangible strategies on ways you can work through some of the same vulnerable issues we all face.

My name is Natalie Hodson and welcome to the Pulling Back the Curtain Podcast.


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Feb 25, 2020

HERE is the link for the free live training I talked about in the podcast! Hope you’ll be there with me!

I was in my kitchen one night running around and making dinner for the kids, and I heard a ding on my phone. I glanced over at my lock screen and saw the ding was an email from my business mentor Russell Brunson to Dean Graziosi….my heart started racing. Why was
I included in this email between these two powerhouse men?? This had to have been a mistake….

As I scrolled on my phone and kept reading, I saw that Russell was emailing Dean and telling him that I should be a speaker at his next event…

As much as I’ve done loads of personal work on changing the negative voice in my own head….I found my internal thoughts kick into imposter syndrome. Has that ever happened to you before?  Things like:

“I’m not qualified to be in the same space as these guys.”

“Uh oh...they’re going to find out soon that I’m not really that special, I’m just a single mom who came from a small town in Idaho and I’m really not that smart.”

“I don’t have best-selling books like these guys do. They’re going to see right through me.”

What ended up happening next was really important. I learned more about Dean’s story. I learned that, just like me, he grew up in a broken home (his parents were married and divorced nine times), he had been diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, and everyone around him told him he wasn’t smart enough to even get to college.

But even facing all that...he’s still gone on to build multi-million dollar companies and build a business that gets to impact and help SO many people.

I started to see myself in his story. I started to realize that voice in my head that kept me feeling “not enough” wasn’t actually real. I started to believe that maybe I actually could take my own life experiences and the skills and knowledge I already had to help other people.

Dean’s story was so helpful and impactful for me that I asked him to be on my podcast and he graciously agreed. I hope you will get a chance to listen to this one because, if you’re anything like me, hearing stories of other people who have faced hard challenges in life and worked through them is usually the little ray of hope I need to keep going.

Dean didn’t go get a fancy MBA or have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on traditional education. He figured out a way to take his own life experiences to use that to create a business that makes a real impact.

We talk all about that on today’s podcast, and how you can do that too.

I know what it feels like to struggle with imposter syndrome. I know what it feels like to wonder if you are good enough, or smart enough, or if you have what it takes. I know because I’ve been there...I still feel that at times. But I hope that my story, Dean’s story, and others can show you that you do have something great inside of you. The things you have gone through in your life have happened for a reason. You can use those skills, that knowledge, those experiences to help and impact others.

This is one of my favorite podcasts I’ve recorded maybe…..ever. Hope you’ll take a chance to listen ❤️

HERE is the link for the free live training I talked about in the podcast! Hope you’ll be there with me!