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How are women like us actually living up to the pressure to balance everything, to have it together physically, emotionally, and financially?

The truth is most of us don't.

Perfection is a myth we all fail.

While raising babies and growing seven figure businesses online I spent years helping women look at these three areas in their life, being strong physically, emotionally, and financially.

But how, does someone learn to actually do that? This podcast is here to give you the answer.

Join me as I pull back the curtain and talk about the things that nobody usually talks about. Where I share my real raw stories and give you tangible strategies on ways you can work through some of the same vulnerable issues we all face.

My name is Natalie Hodson and welcome to the Pulling Back the Curtain Podcast.


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Jan 17, 2020

Have you ever had to experience tragic loss in your life?  💔Or have had a loved one who is grieving? If so, you are going to love this new podcast we put up today.

I had the privilege of bringing Jodi Coochise onto my podcast today, and her story made me tear up, smile, and get goosebumps... all at the same time. 

Jul 31, 2019

I loved recording this podcast so much. We talked for so long, we had to cut this into two parts. If you haven't listened to part one already, go check it out before you listen to part two so you can get these amazing people's back story. 

Last podcast, we talked about what it was like to go through a divorce, for your...

Jul 25, 2019

I had such a great time recording this, I can't wait for you to listen! I had three of my great friends, Jessica, Steve and Matt on. We talked so long that we had to cut this into two parts. 

"Steve and Jessica were happily married for 7 years until Steve came out as being gay which inevitably ended in divorce. Now,...

Jul 10, 2019

So many of you guys reach out with questions about the aftermath of divorce, I decided to bring on two of my friends, Angie and Marie, to dig deep and talk about the "grieving" process of a divorce. They have an awesome community of women that they call "The Unwed's" where they lift each other up by sharing advice...

Apr 16, 2019

Narcissism is a term I had NEVER heard of in my entire life until this past year.  I sat down with two of my closest girlfriends, Rikki and Mandy in today’s episode. We continue our podcast on Narcissism, this is part 2 where we talk about how to move on if you’ve been in a toxic relationship with a narcissist....