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How are women like us actually living up to the pressure to balance everything, to have it together physically, emotionally, and financially?

The truth is most of us don't.

Perfection is a myth we all fail.

While raising babies and growing seven figure businesses online I spent years helping women look at these three areas in their life, being strong physically, emotionally, and financially.

But how, does someone learn to actually do that? This podcast is here to give you the answer.

Join me as I pull back the curtain and talk about the things that nobody usually talks about. Where I share my real raw stories and give you tangible strategies on ways you can work through some of the same vulnerable issues we all face.

My name is Natalie Hodson and welcome to the Pulling Back the Curtain Podcast.


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Apr 24, 2019

Nicholas Bayerle is a man who understands what it means to struggle.

He understands how to take the pain of your past and use that pain to create a life you want.

Nicholas (and his wife Amanda) are friends of mine and he has an amazing story of struggle and success that will bring you to tears and inspire you to...

Apr 18, 2019

This is one of the top questions I get asked!!  People DM me and say, “Natalie...I love all your outdoors pictures, and I want to do something like that but I’m afraid to go alone!”  So, I recorded a podcast talking about everything I know about backpacking and how I overcame my fear too. In this podcast I go...

Apr 11, 2019

“A narcissist will burn down your house to warm up their hands.”

I had never heard about the term “narcissism” until last year when two of my closest girlfriends introduced me to what narcissism is, how to recognize it, and how to heal from it.  Someone who has a complete lack of empathy for others, who thinks...

Apr 4, 2019

Today’s podcast is a little bit of a confessional...if you haven’t listened to my last podcast about #75Hard you should listen to that one first.  But, long story short I slipped up on #75Hard, and on this program when you mess up you go back to Day 1. I give all the details of what happened, what I learned from it,...

Mar 26, 2019

Have you ever heard me joke (but I’m not really joking) that I’m a secret prepper?  Like….a doomsday type-prepper lol. Even though I don’t actually think there are any big conspiracies out there or anything like that, I DO see a ton of value in having the skills necessary to take care of yourself if something...