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How are women like us actually living up to the pressure to balance everything, to have it together physically, emotionally, and financially?

The truth is most of us don't.

Perfection is a myth we all fail.

While raising babies and growing seven figure businesses online I spent years helping women look at these three areas in their life, being strong physically, emotionally, and financially.

But how, does someone learn to actually do that? This podcast is here to give you the answer.

Join me as I pull back the curtain and talk about the things that nobody usually talks about. Where I share my real raw stories and give you tangible strategies on ways you can work through some of the same vulnerable issues we all face.

My name is Natalie Hodson and welcome to the Pulling Back the Curtain Podcast.


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Jan 31, 2019

Say YES.  Figure it out later.  Put yourself at risk of something extraordinary happening.  Don’t worry if you don't know how to do it. And if it scares you, even more reason to say yes and get after it.

I put up a brand new podcast today talking about everything related to saying yes even when you feel scared, even when you think you're inadequate, even if you think you're not enough, how to work through that and some of the really awesome opportunities that can come from facing those fears and saying yes anyway…..even if you don't know how to do it.  I tell a story about how saying yes (when years ago I would have been afraid to do this), led me to help one of my business mentors Russell Brunson at an event for 35,000 people this weekend and then a trip to the Bahamas on a private yacht.

I hope you love it.  Thank you to each of you who listen to my weekly podcasts.  Recording these podcasts has become one of my new favorite things.


xo Natalie